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Star Wars frontline 2 sheet metal issue discussion to unlock all content takes 4,000 hours

The single-player mode of Star Wars: Frontline 2 strengthens the content of the plot part. The tasks in the game are all open-ended endings, mainly using the plots of the six Star Wars movies. The scene of Star Wars: Frontline 2 feels even broader than the previous generation. This is because there are more roads leading to the planet than it has been.
Star Wars frontline 2 sheet metal issue discussion to unlock all content takes 4,000 hours
Recently, foreign major gaming communities are also constantly discussing the¡°Star Wars: Frontline 2¡± issue of sheet metal. Although the EA has issued a statement and lowered the points needed to unlock the hero, this does not prevent people from generating dissatisfaction, especially after knowing the cost of unlocking all content.
After the content unlocking problem in Star Wars Frontline 2 was pushed to the top, some players calculated the time/money required to unlock everything in the game. The answer they got was: If you want to unlock everything, probably It will take 4,500 hours or 2,100 dollars.
There are a total of 324 cards in the game. Upgrading them will require 15520 5 production materials, Soeren Kamper of SWTOR Strategies made a detailed calculation of the various contents of the game. There are so many materials that need to open 3,111 boot boxes.And getting so many booties requires 4528 hours of play.¡° And if the player chooses to pay for all the content, he¡¯s about to pay $2,100.
At the same time, Soeren Kamper said that these figures are likely to be greatly underestimated, and his calculations did not include the cost of upgrading all cards to full-class, which is in turn impossible to achieve by unpacking. Those who want Players who get the most power through these cards may need to spend more than 4,500 hours.
Of course, although other players have come to similar conclusions with Soeren Kamper, it is still not certain that this is an accurate answer. The relevant person of DICE performed reddit for AMA (Ask me anything) and the execution of Star Wars: Frontline 2. Producer John Wasilczyk said that the actual cost of players is not as high as they think.
We have already seen the guessing of how long it takes for the player to unlock all the content. The mean we get in the trial is much faster than this, John Wasilczyk wrote on Reddit (link), but when there is more When players enter, the situation may change. We are committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all players. Nothing is impossible, but if it does, we will do our best to ensure that it is both fun and achievable.
John Wasilczyks answer seems to be gratifying, but at the same time, Paul Keslin, who is also a producer (he also participated in the AMA event), told the oil pipeline operator Angry Joe last week that he and his team ¡°are not actually It is clear that there is no reason to spend money to unlock the hidden figures behind all content. This has also become the reason why many people still remain passive.
Star Wars frontline 2 sheet metal issue discussion to unlock all content takes 4,000 hours
The specific time spent is as follows:
Cavalry units: 4 branches, each requiring 17 cards, a total of 68 cards and 32,640 process components. These require 653 boot boxes and 238 hours per branch for a total of 950 hours.
Law enforcers: The law enforcer has 5 cards. Upgrading these requires 2400 craft parts. This requires the opening of 48 boot boxes, which takes 70 hours.
Air units: The air units also have 5 cards and require 2,400 craft parts, so 48 boot kits are also needed for 70 hours.
Armored units: Armored units have 6 cards, and upgrades require 2880 process parts. That is 58 trophy boxes and 84 hours.
Quick Unit: The Quick Unit requires 6 cards, and the upgrade also requires 2880 process units, ie 58 boot boxes and 84 hours.
Star Wars: The Star Wars has three branches, each with 9 cards. A total of 27 cards will require 12,960 process components, equivalent to 260 boot boxes and 378 hours.
Heroes: 14 infantry heroes and 9 Star Wars heroes, each requiring 9 cards, for a total of 207 cards. Upgrading these requires 99,360 craft parts, equivalent to 1,988 boot kits, and takes 2,892 hours.
Total: A total of 324 cards, upgrading requires 155,520 process components, equivalent to 3,111 loot and 4,528 hours. And if you want to get a loot treasure chest through an in-app purchase, you need $ 2,100.
Each planet in the generation has several maps scattered all over the planet, and this has changed in the second generation. Of the 12 planets in the second generation, there is only one map on each planet. In the second generation we can see the planet of the third part of the Star Wars, such as the Utapau planet (the hiding place of General Grievous) and the Mustafar planet full of volcanic lava.
Star Wars: Frontline 2 draws a lot of material from the movie. For example, the inside of the Death Star and the blockade runner of Leia Princess have become the battlefield of the second generation. The emergence of these battlefields also hinted at the greatest improvement in the second-generation war: Joining the space warfare system.

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