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Alimmogold Both Madden 18 Most Feared and FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Set to Start This Week

Two of the more popular Ultimate Team promotions will be releasing later this week, EA told us today. 

To celebrate Halloween, EAs top two sports sims will be putting out themed cards featuring individual players. 

Initially rather ordinary, these players will become monstrously powerful around Halloween, leading to some pretty crazy online games. Most will see their stats jump to 99 overall. In the past, some of have even grown to become gigantic. 

Traditionally, this period is a great time to invest if youre playing Madden 18 Ultimate Team or FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. When the promotion starts, you can buy up Most Feared/Ultimate Scream players on the cheap when everyone is opening packs, then sell for big bucks when Halloween rolls around. 

In addition, Madden 18s Most Feared promotion often brings with it crazy solo challenges. Heres a fun one from Madden 16: Thats some Breaking Madden stuff right there. 

These promotions tend to inspire a bit of a feeding frenzy among the general populace, so its best to get in as early as possible and buy the obviously broken cards as they appear in the Auction House. 

If youre looking for more investment tips, make sure to check out our guides to earning coins fast in FIFA 18 and Madden 18. 

Expect the promotions to launch on Thursday or Friday. 

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